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Junior Tattoo Artist (She/Her)

Kenny has always had a passion for all kinds of art, whether it's painting, drawing, doing makeup, or immersing herself in music. Her style is heavily inspired by traditional tattooing, with a love for bold lines and saturated colors. While she absolutely adores creating vibrant color tattoos, she's been having a blast with black and grey pieces too. The way heavy blacks and soft shading come together to create high-contrast designs really excites her, and she pours her heart into every piece she creates.

For Kenny, it's incredibly important to craft beautiful pieces that truly speak to her clients. She loves doing consultations before booking sessions so she can really understand what her clients are looking for and get to know them better. Every drawing is made with love and care, and she takes her time to ensure each tattoo is of the highest quality. Making sure her clients feel comfortable is a top priority for Kenny. She's always ready to adjust designs, move stencils, and take breaks whenever needed to make sure everyone has a great experience.

When she's not tattooing, Kenny loves spending time with her boyfriend and their little blue heeler, Nix. They enjoy being outdoors, and Kenny often takes Nix for walks to find inspiration in the birds and plants when she's unsure what to draw or paint. Her favorite art medium is watercolor paint, and she frequently starts her tattoo designs with a watercolor study, especially for her flash designs. Kenny has a deep love for classic rock, with her all-time favorite band being The Tragically Hip. Recently, she's been exploring heavier music like Tool and Nine Inch Nails. Horror movies are another passion of hers, with "The Shining" topping her list. Kenny and her boyfriend even collect VHS tapes, finding nostalgia and joy in watching movies the old-school way.

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