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Piercing Artist

Kayla has a passion for body mods and piercings, bringing a unique perspective to the industry. Her creativity also extends to things beyond the world of piercing. She enjoys experimenting with hair design and can be seen sporting a new fashion color every month. Her quirky, bright, and bubbly personality shines through in everything she does, whether it's a new piercing or a bold hairdo.

Kayla is particularly interested in implants and scarification and hopes to incorporate these techniques into her work in the future once she’s done the training. Her love of body art and modifications is matched only by her love of animals and the outdoors. Kayla is always up for an adventure and can often be found hiking in her free time.

Kayla is also passionate about making sure her clients are comfortable and feel safe while getting their new piercings. Clients that have anxiety can be put at ease by her friendly and compassionate demeanour.

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