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Tattoo Artist (Any pronouns)

Clark is a multidisciplinary artist who has been creating and sharing with others for over 20 years, with the most recent ten heavily focused on visual arts, storytelling and myth. Years of collecting tattoos on their own skin prompted Clark to begin tattooing in 2019 (mentored by Tony @peppertattooworx) and found the perfect medium to work in! The rich sacred space tattooing holds across cultures, the human connection between artist and client, the opportunities to grow creatively, and the storytelling aspect of tattooing are some of the many reasons Clark loves this art form!

Clark thoroughly enjoys collaborating with their clients to create high contrast images in black/greyscale and color with designs including but not limited to:
*Abstract images
*Animals/Human bodies/Body parts
*Pop art/Cartoons
*Anything weird/unusual/obscure/grotesque

They make art non-stop so if you don't know specifically what you want odds are they might already have something drawn up that you'll love, or be able to create something after a conversation getting to know each other.

In their spare time you might spot a wild Clark wandering through the woods reveling in nature, reading a good book (history, sociology, psychology, sci-fi, fiction), painting, drawing, dancing, gardening or laughing (loudly).

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