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Tattoo Artist (He/Him/Wizard)

Robert: Wizard

Robert is a talented tattoo artist with a diverse range of interests. When he's not creating stunning tattoos, you can find him indulging in his hobbies, which include gaming, anime, pop culture, and anything geeky. Robert also has an impressive memory for movies, TV shows, voice actors, and actors.

Robert loves to do new school designs with a recent transition towards black-and-grey realism. He’s always up for a challenge and can create amazing pinups. Aside from his artistic skills, Robert is also great at working with clients who have anxiety. He makes it a point to chat with them while tattooing to help them feel comfortable and at ease. You’ll always feel safe while sitting in his chair.

Robert grew up in Grande Cache in a big family, and although he didn't have access to any formal art classes, he never let that stop him. Instead, he challenged himself to match the work of other talented artists he admired. What inspired Robert to become an artist was his desire for things he couldn’t find. If he couldn’t find it, he’d create it himself! He's always pushing himself to improve and grow as an artist.

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