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Tattoo Artist (Any pronouns)

Laura is interested in detail and intricate pieces. As a child, she would spend hours making miniatures out of playdough, which they would then put on her mother's kitchen table to dry out and get lost. As she grew older, she began to put their own unique spin on things, re-drawing things in their own way. Laura's love for whimsical, fun, and weird art styles began to flourish, and she started to create her own unique artwork, such as a turtle with a shell made of cake or cats with lobster claws.

When it comes to tattooing, Laura focuses on creating original artwork that is custom to each person. She believes that each tattoo should be a reflection of the individual wearing it, and she works closely with her clients to ensure that their vision is brought to life. In addition, Laura places a strong emphasis on creating a safe space for her clients to advocate for themselves. They understand that tattoo shops can be intimidating places, and she works hard to ensure that people from all walks of life feel comfortable and welcome.

When they're not tattooing, Laura enjoys a variety of hobbies, including sculpting, sticker making, and painting. She's also a devoted animal lover and has both a big ol’e potato doggo and a stinky gremlin catto.

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