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Preparing for your Tattoo

So you’ve booked a tattoo... I think I speak for literally everybody when I say, Awesome! Whether you’re coming in for your first tattoo and have no idea what to expect, or you’re rockin’ them tatties from head to toe, there’s something here for you. (photo: Prairie Fire Tattoo artist Lacuna Inkk, demonstrating expert-level preparedness for her tattoo, complete with water, snacks, privacy towel, and squishy dinosaur!)

Before your appointment
Remember: by booking a tattoo, you’ve voluntarily decided to put yourself through trauma, in the name of art. So, take care of yourself! Make sure you get a good night’s sleep, and eat a good meal before your appointment.

Being well rested and well fed will help your body through the experience of being tattooed.

Drinks and snacks
Good job! You’re well rested and well fed. Depending on your design, you might be in for a few hours of stab stab stab. Do yourself a favour, and make sure you bring a bottle of water or something else to drink, and some snacks! Granola bars, trail mix, a sandwich... Don’t shy away from including some kind of sugary snack or beverage, to help keep your blood sugar up.

Appropriate clothing
Wait... are you telling me there’s a dress code?! Well, no, not exactly. But there are a few things you might want to consider when decided what to wear to your appointment.

The first consideration should be your comfort. Depending on your tattoo, you might be looking at sitting around for a few hours. Dress in layers, so that if you’re feeling too hot or too cold, you can adapt.

Next, consider the placement of your tattoo. Are you getting a big thigh piece? Maybe you need to bring some shorts instead of skinny jeans. In fact, PLEASE wear shorts! You know, we’re opened minded and all, but we want you to be comfortable while reducing the number of clients sitting around in thongs, especially since we will sometimes have younger children coming through to get their ears pierced, for example.
Please: it’s both for your privacy, and for our other clients.

And finally, don’t wear anything too fancy! Tattooing can get messy, and the last thing you want is to have ink blotches on your favourite T Shirt.

Take this into consideration - you’ll be glad you did!

Don’t be intoxicated.
Really though. What you do in your own time is up to you, but being intoxicated for a tattoo causes a number of problems, all of which lead to the fact that we won’t tattoo you.

A major reason we must refuse to tattoo someone if they’re intoxicated is that a person who is intoxicated is legally not able to give consent. And in our business (and hopefully everywhere), consent is king!

At which point I’ll remind you again: when you get a tattoo, you are subjecting your body to trauma. It’s important that you be in your best physical and mental state.

Closing remarks
Look, I’m not your mom, and I don’t want to tell you what to do with your life, but I DO want you to enjoy your experience and, ideally, not pass out. So maybe you’ll forgive me for this lecture?

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